Welcome to Planet B - Fortune of Planet B

Welcome to Planet B - Fortune of Planet B

Welcome to Planet B Building on Ars Electronica Festival subject, the performer and choreographer Silke Grabinger approaches the concept of utopia and dystopia through a performative installation of the subject. Sound of Music will serve as the basis for the performative realisation, the original step sequences will be brought into focus, subjected to a repetitive movement transformation and transported into the present. - Interpreted through an urban and contemporary approach.

Fortune of Planet B

The ancient Romans already had the figure of the soothsayers and the foretellers of the future - the augurs. Equipped with their crosier, they observed the events of nature. Silke Grabinger - this time equipped with VR goggles, controller and fortune features - deals with the questions oftoday‘s society in the performative installation Fortune of Planet B, symbolises the epitome of the oracle, who predicts fateful future scenarios and appears as a future-telling figure. Is society on its way to a utopia or dystopia? What ethical questions accompany progress? And will we as a society overcome these difficulties in a humane way? The augur‘s smile of the knowing and initiated performer and choreographer will perhaps know the answers.


Welcome to Planet B
Concept by the Ars Electronica for the Ars Electronica Festival
Realization in Photography: Zoe Goldstein
Costume: Jürgen Christian Hoerl
Props: Gerfried Stocker
Performanceconcept: Silke Grabinger
Choreographical Assistant: Gergely Dudás-Simó

Fortune of Planet B
Performanceconcept: Silke Grabinger
Costume: jürgen Christian Hoerl
Props: Gerfried Stocker, Silke Grabinger
Production Management: Manon Chauveau

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