Silke Grabinger


Silke Grabinger's works and concepts combine urban and contemporary dance with performative art and robotics. Her particular focus is critical examination of social phenomena, artistic paradigms and the function and position of the audience. 

She was first introduced to breakdancing in her youth, and as "B-Girl SILK"and in various teams, she achieved success in numerous international competitions. She promoted hip-hop culture through the B-Girl Circle project. After dancing in the Cirque du Soleil production "LOVE" from 2006 to 2008 and working with choreographers Dave St-Pierre (CAN), Margie Gillis (CAN) and Daniel Ezralow (USA), she created her first solo dance piece "[SILK]" with Pilottanzt (AT) in 2008. 

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in raum&designstrategien, she was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Design for a group exhibition. She completed her studies with a Master of Arts in time-based media. In her contemporary work, she has been a test subject for various choreographers, including Anne Juren, Benoit Lachambre, Astrid Endruweit & Michael Laub, Oleg Soulimenko, Hubert Lepka of lawine torren, cabaret artist Dirk Stermannand, filmmaker Arash T. Riahi, each for ten minutes. She developed a dance notation for musicians and collaborated with the composer Bernhard Lang (AT) on the performance piece "Moving Architecture", which was based on the architecture of the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York and premiered there. She is currently developing this transfer of compositional models into moving art forms with the series "Compositional transer inbodied". In the same year, she founded her second dance company, SILK Fluegge, parallel to SILK Cie. with the intention of developing dance and performance productions as an experimental field for different disciplines. In 2021 she opened KLISCOPE, a former chapel, as a creative space for new experiments and visions. 

She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Art and Design Linz(AT) in exchange with Deakin University of Melbourne (AUS), Coventry University(UK) and Johannes Kepler University (AT) on the topic of robotics &performance in the context of media art and AI with a focus on the transfer of meaning to moving bodies. Since 2018, she has been working with robotics in collaboration with ARS Electronica and Creative Robotics.

SILK Fluegge

Artist collective for urban contemporary dance and art

SILK Fluegge is an artist collective for urban contemporary dance and art. The artistic work of the collective includes performances in theatres, interventions in museums and public spaces and arts and cultural mediation. The focus lies on projects in the area of urban and contemporary dance and art, with special attention to the promotion of youth.

SILK Fluegge got honoured with the “STELLA 15” an Award for an outstanding theatre production for young people in the year 2015, the “women’s award 2018”, the “Recognition award for intercultural youth and children development work 2015” and the “Recognition award for stage art of the province of Upper Austria 2013” for our several performances and artistic work in the last years.

SILK Fluegge´s production atelier is called KLISCOPE and based Linz. SILK Fluegge is supported by Stadt Linz, Bundeskanzleramt and Land Oberösterreich. It is friendly supported by Swietelsky. SILK Fluegge is part of Assitej Austria.


SILK Cie. is a company for contemporary urban dance and art. The collective of artists is located at the intersection of contemporary performing art and space/design strategies. A crucial focus of the company’s work lies on the critical engagement with social phenomena, artistic paradigms and the function and situatedness of the audience.


– and space and rehearsal space and event space and performance space and dance space and exhibition space and experimental space and thought space and individual relaxation space and separate office space and residency space and screening space and scopes and skópos and tópos

The KLISCOPE wants to become all of that. But it does not just want to be a space, not just an empty space to be filled, its respective rooms give it direction, give it its own timeliness. The KLISCOPE is separated space, interwoven with silk threads, where acting subjects might hang above the abyss all alone, but together they become a silk culture. There, not only different groups are intertwined with their projects, but in successful moments they stretch over time. In itself, the place ought to be a microscope that in its present microcosm grasps the big and future things. A too precise contemplation of the individual causes its expansion, it stretches towards the others and thus becomes whole. When contemplated correctly, the silken fabric indicates what is coming or gives it directional impulse. A myriad of tailorable scopes for their skópos, the scout, the observer, her focus, her purpose, her aim.

SILK Fluegge KLISCOPE: Glimpfingerstraße 8 Eingang SÜD, 4020 Linz

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