A duet within herself. A construction of five KUKA Robots move an abstract figure which dances with a performer.

This 15-minute performance is based on the choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser and serves as the coninutation of last year’s co-operation with Johannes Braumann and the Ars Electronica Futurelab. In Bodenwieser’s piece “Demon Machine” (1923), five dancers transform into one machine, now five machines transform into one dancer. One person used to control a part of the machine then, an industrial Kuka-Robot takes over a body part now. Choreographer and dancer Silke Grabinger enters a dance with this puppet. The technology serves as the male counterpart, the animus, with whom Grabinger is being confronted. Who mirrors whom, who reacts on whom, or who is leading is unclear in this dance. The investigation questions the relevance of Bodenwieser’s assessment which states that machines are occupying a more and more predominant role in our society and humans are not in control.


Artistic Director, Performance: Silke Grabinger

Idea: Johannes Braumann

Piano: Markus Poschner

Lighting Designer: Jan Derschmidt

Visuals & Sounds: Peter Freudling – Ars Electronica Futurelab

Sound Mastering: Ivan Shopov

Tracking/Motioncapturing: Peter Freudling, Roland Aigner

VJ: Gerhard Senz

Productionteam: Olga Swietlicka, Sandra Krampelhuber, Adelina Nita, Sandra Eidenberger

Dramaturgical Advisor: Ludwig Felhofer

Costume Designer: Bianca Fladerer

Video: Magdalena Schlesinger, Alice Hulan, Thomas Guggenberger, Shari Ehlers

Video Cut: Magdalena Schlesinger

Roboter: KUKA FORTEC KR360 R2830, 4x KUKA Agilus KR6 R900 – 2 In cooperation with Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Creative Robotics, UfG Linz (AT): Johannes Braumann, Amir Bastan, Anna Seyr, Karl Singline. Supported by KUKA, Yamaha, Beckhoff, Grand Garage und Viewpoint System.

A production of SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge, supported by Linz Kultur, Land Oberösterreich and the BKA.
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