Und ich will mit Anton tanzen

Und ich will mit Anton tanzen

We are addressed without words by symphonic music and in the same way by dance. And yet in the former, art expresses itself merely audibly and in the latter predominantly visibly. Approaching Anton Bruckner's 9th Symphony, for Und ich will mit Anton tanzen, a translation method was developed with the help of which time filled with musical structures could be transported to space filled with movement. This performance therefore does not merely dance to the music or its mood, but rather its forms themselves are repeated in the physical realm and, by means of the movements that develop from it, even attempts to work with Anton beyond the unfinished end.


Concept, Choreography : Silke Grabinger

Performance: Kirin Espana, Tomy Lee Kneringer, Theresa "Ray" Scheinecker,  Gergely Dudás-Simó,  Silke Grabinger

Rehearsal Director& Production management: Gergely Dudás-Simó

Dramaturgy: Ludwig Felhofer, Silke Grabinger

Outside Eye: Fabian Rucker, Thomas Wally, Josef Semeleder, Peter Androsch,

Presse und Communications: Bettina Bakos

Costume design: Bianca Fladerer

Production team:  Sonja Stojanović-Aufreiter, Astrid Dober, Marie Scholze

Photo: Meinrad Hofer

Eine Produktion von SILK Fluegge & SILK Cie. Gefördert von Stadt Linz, Land Oberösterreich und BMKOES, Die Performance wurde im Rahmen eines Artist in Residence im Bildraum Studio entwickel
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