SPOTSHOTBEUYS brings together urban-contemporary dancer Silke Grabinger and “Spot,” the robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics, processes the current relationship between humans and technology against the backdrop of Joseph Beuys’ performance I like America and America likes me. Although the dog is no longer symbolically the original nature like the coyote, but rather the result of the currently most advanced culture, the relationship to it is not dissimilar, except the role of mediating between dog and human now asserts itself in its own autonomy.  In this context, the roles must be questioned more than ever – from whom does the danger emanate, who controls whom, or who can/must be tamed by whom?


Concept, Choreography & Performance: Silke Grabinger

Rehearsal Director: Gergely Dudás-Simó

Dramaturgy: Ludwig Felhofer, Silke Grabinger

Spot Carrier: Eva Fischer, Alfred Weidinger

Outside Eye: Michael Stolhofer, Michael Eickhoff

Costum Design: Bianca Fladerer

Lightdesign: Max Windisch-Spoerk

Production Management: Gergely Dudás-Simó, Bettina Bakos

Production Team: Astrid Dober, Marie Scholze

Video: Karol Kensy

Photo: Meinrad Hofer

In cooperation with Francisco Carolinum, Zirkus des Wissens and Boston Dynamics Spot of the Institute of Robotics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and SILK KLISCOPE. This performance was developed during the artist-in-residency programme at Bildraum Studio/Bildrecht. A production of SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge KLISCOPE funded by the City of Linz, Kulturland Oberösterreich and BMKOES. With the kind support of the Samariterbund Linz.
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