“SiSi” is a breakdance move, and “Sissy” is not only the term for an older sister, but also used to describe a queer man who acts like a woman. “Si(e)Si” deals with the subject of breakdance and transfers the form of a 360degrees performance to the theatre context. It also investigates the movement patterns of B-Girls (aged 8 to 38) in the context of sex and gender identities. This reflexion reacts to the fact that in breakdance, women often imitate a male body and don’t adapt the moves to their own bodies and possibilities. The performance also deals with the history of B-Girling and searches for women’s breakout attempts which led to the development of other movement patterns. It then investigates whether these attempts have already formed a new sort of vocabulary. This performance is being developed based on the long-term project “B-Girl Circle” and tries to strengthen the role of women who practice b-girling as well as their social reception. Because of their small number they occupy a special position and are only “5mm above the floor”.


Director, Concept, Choreography: Silke Grabinger

Performance: Farah Deen, Jerca Roznik Novak, Amabel Thomas, B-Girl Circle Performers

Production Management: Sandra Krampelhuber

Productionteam: Sandra Eidenberger, Adelina Nita

Choreographic Advisor: Gergely Dudas

Dramaturgy: Ludwig Felhofer

Lighting Designer: Jan Derschmidt

Costume / Stage Designer: Bianca Fladerer

Video: Magdalena Schlesinger

Musik: Ivan Shopov

A production of SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge, supported by Linz Kultur, Land Oberösterreich and the BKA. Supported and in cooperation with Schäxpir Festival 2019.
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