FOR A...

FOR A...

For A… is a journey through auto-biographic experiences of the artist and woman Silke Grabinger. She engages in a very personal way with the layers and meanings of femininity, through associatively connected images inspired by theater and film-making. The focus is not only on the construction of gender and its social representation, or on the construction of subjectivity-concepts relating to the production of Self and Other found in the Pop-culture of the post-industrial era. Femininity does not only serve as a canvas for the projection of male fantasies or as a social mechanism, but also as the possibility and departure point for the contemplation of expectations to oneself and from others.

In the close-up the expression is smoothed out to become a face. The face has no depth or shallowness. It is smooth. It lacks inwardness. Face means fassade (lat. Facies). (Byung-Chul Han: Die Errettung des Schönen. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer. 2015.)

The solo performance by Silke Grabinger deals with a rich, mediatic and personal imagery of beingwoman and with the increasing social fragmentation as it impacts life-narrative, identity and selfunderstanding of a woman. The faces she chooses, the ones she accepts without questioning and those that are read into her. For A… is typically for another, for someone, for something, just not for oneself.


Idea: Silke Grabinger, Dave St-Pierre

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Silke Grabinger

Dramaturgy, Production Management: Angela Vadori

Artistic Support: Olga Swietlicka

Sound: Audio Bomba

Light/Projections: Peter Thalhamer

Costume: Bianca Fladerer

Stage design: Jenny Schleif

Supported: Paula Galimany

A production by SILK Cie. in coproduction with SILK Fluegge and Koproduktionshaus brut Wien. Supported by Kultur Stadt Linz, Kultur Land Oberösterreich, Bundeskanzleramt, Kultur Stadt Wien. Friendly supported by Ankerbrotfabrik Wien, Posthof, Tabakfabrik Linz, KosmosTheater, Kulturzentrum Hof, D.ID Dance Identity.
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