HONORED WITH THE “STELLA 15” AWARD for an outstanding Theatre Production - Spielarten populärer Gewalt

When we speak about violence, we think of brawls, or of discussions with our parents about whether or not it is appropriate to watch a certain movie on TV. We might also think of the latest episode of a crime series featuring a young police officer pursuing an evil murderer, or the latest action movie we watched at the cinema. What then, about violence becoming a media spectacle and the protagonists of such violence becoming stars, as it happens with wrestling? What is so fascinating about this kind of show? Is it fake? Is it real? How do we feel as spectators? Is it different from hooligans looking for a victim? How does it connect to our lives at all? SILK Fluegge transports itself into the world of the huge, televised wrestling matches and plays with the aesthetics of popular violence


Production, Director, Choreography: Silke Grabinger

Production Management, Choreographic Advisor: Olga Swietlicka

Dramaturgical Advisor: Angela Vadori

Lighting Designer: Jakob Wiesmayer

Music: Audio Bomba

Stage Designer: Andreas Strauss

Costume Designer: Renate Schuler

Makeup: Christina Haller

Video: C.LOUD Pro Media

Performance: Veronika Cimborova, Gergely Dudás, Michael Gross, Michaela Hulvejová, Matej Kubuš, Barbara Vuzem

A production of SILK Fluegge with the international theatre festival SCHÄXPIR. In cooperation with Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität. Supported by Land Oberösterreich, Linz Kultur and BKA. Friendly supported by Tabakfabrik Linz.
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