In the art performance “Woven Heads” the performer Silke Grabinger from Upper Austria and the Canadian dancer Emmanuelle Lê Phan deal with bodily and immaterial entanglements. After a ten-year break the renewed cooperation’s first project is “Woven Heads – Volume 1.0 SILK” which is composed from Silke Grabinger’s point of view. Woven heads and their ideas do include hair. Through it’s subjection to social norms it is also touched by domination which it can nonetheless subvert. Furthermore it is uncontrollable from inside and controllable from outside. For both artists hair played already a major role in their pieces, e. g. as a mean to cover one’s identity or to perform a symbolic negation of the ongoing information overload by shaking it. Despite the physical absence of Lê Phan entanglements and disentanglement of both protagonists are paramount; with the danger of projections which results from presenting a relationship in a mono perspectively way. Connection and separation express themselves through hair – both elements of a web: separated strands connected by weaving.


Concept, Idea: Silke Grabinger, Emmanuelle Lê Phan

Choreography, Performance: Silke Grabinger

Performance on projection: Emmanuelle Lê Phan

Performance: Amabel Thomas

Production Management, Choreographic Advisor: Olga Swietlicka

Dramaturgical Advisor: Emil Felhofer, Ludwig Felhofer

Videoprojections: Magdalena Schlesinger, Silke Grabinger

Lighting Designer: Jan Derschmidt

Costume Designer: Bianca Fladerer

Stage Designer: Bianca Fladerer, Silke Grabinger, Jan Derschmidt

A Production of SILK Fluegge, supported by Linz Kultur, Land Oberösterreich and BKA. Friendly supported by Tabakfabrik Linz and Posthof. This project was created during a Residency in Mexico at Plataforma 322.
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