In Ovid’s classical version the artist Pygmalion, withdrawn from the world and women, sculpts his perfect wife out of ivory. Venus, the goddess of love, breathes life into this work, later called Galathea, which also enables the artist’s sexual connection with his work. The contemporary dance piece “Pygmalion Nullpunktzwei” takes up the desires and longings inherent in this theme: it follows the desire for a double, a self-mirroring counterpart, a lover – and last but not least also the desire to fully understand oneself and to be fully understood.

After a solo by Silke Grabinger, SILK Fluegge now continues the treatment of the Pygmalion myth with three performers. The material moments of the myth – renunciation, creation and union – are repeated in a fractal structure in the development of the piece. The combination of Rojin Sharafi’s composition and Grabinger’s choreography creates the aliveness of the work of art.


Künstlerische Leitung und Choreografie: Silke Grabinger Choreografische Beratung: Gergely Dudás-Simó

Performer:innen: Elias Choi-Buttinger, Gergely Dudás-Simó, Kirin Espana, Silke Grabinger

Produktionsleitung: Manon Chauveau

Produktionsteam: David Brandstetter, Marie Scholze Lichtdesigner: Max Windisch-Spoerk

Kostüm: Bianca Fladerer Dramaturgie: Ludwig Felhofer, Silke Grabinger

Musikkomposition, Live Performance: Rojin Sharafi

Eine Kooperation von SILK Fluegge und KIRCH´KLANG FESTIVAL
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