A duet between performer Silke Grabinger and violinist Martin WalchThe artists Grabinger and Walch embody contrasts. Their chosen form of expression is fundamentally different. One almost appears immobile, expresses himself through the music pouring from his violin, whereas the other one opts for her rich gestures and electric movement vocabulary. Nontheless, this apparent (spatial) separation cannot withstand any closer examination and starts to dissolve, starts to move from contrast to complementarity. The music is penned by Bach, Schöneberg and Korean composer Isang Yun, focusing on the latter’s work “Kontraste”. To what extend may it be possible to comprehend and work on this (geographic) diversity beyond the notion of dichotomy? Where are the subtle similarities? Will this constant attempt at communication evolve into a dialogue?


Choreography, Performance: Silke Grabinger & Martin Walch

Light Designer: Olga Swietlicka

Video: Magdalena Schlesinger

English text translated by Adelina Nita

Production by SILK Cie. in co-production with SILK Fluegge. Supported by Linz Kultur, Land Oberösterreich, BKA. With friendly support of Central Linz
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