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"Disastrous - I bin ma gaunz sicha dos du des woarst…" - Linz, 15-16.03.2018 - Theater Phönix


"Disastrous - Kein Grund zur Panik" - Wien, 25.4.2018 - Dschungel Wien /

26.4.2018 - Dschungel Wien 27.4.2018 - Dschungel Wien / 28.4.2018 - Dschungel Wien

"Disastrous" - neue Produktion 2018

PREMIERE - 24.05.2018 - Festspielhaus St.Poelten



Performance on the (im)possibility of rescue

„PROVERB – Autor Unbekannt.”

Wer A sagt muss auch...


About the (anti)fragility of human relations

"HOLD" & "ONtoME"

A Performance in two parts which is shown on two follow-up days


HONORED WITH THE "STELLA 15" AWARD for an outstanding Theatre Production

"PUSH IT" Koproduktion SILK Fluegge & DSCHUNGEL WIEN

Everything should be wider, higher, bigger..


A site specific dance performance around a bus or metro station


What happens if you lose your own stability in life?


the playful human


Eine Performance im Innenhof des Brückenkopf Gebäudes Ost über den homo ludens.

"Drums, Breaks & Freeflow Aerial"

4 Drummers 1 Aerialist and one Pan Tau