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"I want to be part of this piece, because..."

Audition to Audition 19. - 21.07. 2018 - Pflasterspektakel, Martin Luther Platz, Linz

"ALL in / on ALL"

Battle Performance

29. 06. 2018 - 18h bis 22h - AEC Maindeck, Linz


Das Desaster dienst als Ausgangspunkt für eine imaginäre Reise der Befreiung



Performance on the (im)possibility of rescue

„PROVERB – Autor Unbekannt.”

Wer A sagt muss auch...


About the (anti)fragility of human relations

"HOLD" & "ONtoME"

A Performance in two parts which is shown on two follow-up days


HONORED WITH THE "STELLA 15" AWARD for an outstanding Theatre Production

"PUSH IT" Koproduktion SILK Fluegge & DSCHUNGEL WIEN

Everything should be wider, higher, bigger..


A site specific dance performance around a bus or metro station


What happens if you lose your own stability in life?


the playful human