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18.05.2017 - Ursulinensaal, OÖ. Kulturquartier (im Rahmen des Tanzhafen Festivals)

"I will dance you till the end of..."

22.05.2017 - 27.05.2017 TESZT Festival Timisoara, Romania


Premiere: 29.04.2017 20:00 Posthof Linz

"MYGRATION - beget"

A fanned out construct of heritage of four Personalities


What will you do when you will be given a tool to change or stop the scene that is happening right in front of you?

"I can't see you anymore..."

Lets look behind the necessary things and find the real unnecessary - that’s what we really need to see..

"LEAD" Site - specific performance

We have the wish to be seen, to be acknowledged.

"in be tween"

"..I will stand there with a bunch of flowers and I will wait to the point that you will shut your mouth and stop trying.."

" ... in your shoes"

Cliches and every day habits of Made-in-China-shoes..